Sonshine Dental Labs, Inc. is a full service dental laboratory located in Newark, Delaware. Founded in 1986 by Judd Ryan, Sonshine melds state-of-the-art technology and good old-fashioned craftsmanship. Every appliance is made onsite in Newark, never outsourced, to ensure the highest quality product. Each case sets the standard for quality, craft and materials around the world. Sonshine employs a highly trained staff with over 200 years of combined experience, and is a certified International Wironium Circle (IWC) lab.

Our uncompromising commitment creates the type of implants, dentures and removable partials that you need--the best-looking, best-fitting, highest-quality dental work available anywhere today.


Judd Ryan, president of Sonshine Dental Laboratories, has over 40 years of experience in restorative aesthetic dentistry. Through working with large and small labs, directly with doctors and large group practices, and being a business owner for the majority of his career, Judd has gained experience in accommodating the needs of doctors and patients.

Judd's extensive training includes certification in various composite works and removable partials. He also has taken VITA courses on ceramic and acrylic dentures, and Esthetics, Phonetics, and Function Denture courses. Judd is still passionate about dentistry, and always strives to learn as much as he can. He also offers lectures and training sessions, and belongs to several study clubs.

Sonshine Dental Labs, Inc. is looking forward to helping you create the highest-quality dental work available.

To get started now:
Downloadable Rx Form (PDF)
Download and complete your RX form. Include it in your case and send it to:
Sonshine Dental Labs
300 Creek View Road, Suite 105
Newark, DE 19711

Or fax it ahead of time to (302)731.5585

Still Have Questions?
Feel free to contact us at (302)731.5582 or and we will be more than happy to discuss any comments or questions you might have.

Judd Ryan offers world class lectures and training courses in the field of dental restoration. Employing over 40 years of lab experience, Judd is the ideal candidate for instructional events.

If you would like to book Judd for an event, please click here to contact him.

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